The Nuttify Champion Website Development Process

The Nuttify Champion Website Development Process

To create a Champion Website that works for you, we follow our Champion Website Development Process.

This process starts when:

  1. You accept our proposal,
  2. We both sign the development agreement (see the Nuttify standard agreement template), and
  3. We receive the first payment


Download the Champion Website Development Process as a PDF

The Nuttify Champion Website Development Process: Step by step

  1. Nuttify Champion Website Development Process: Champion BriefChampion Brief

    We meet with you to learn about your unique selling proposition and the key benefits your customers get when they buy from you.

    Champion Brief

  2. Nuttify website project management with BasecampProject Documentation

    We create a project in our project management tool, Basecamp, to help us track the tasks, files and conversations around the development of your website

  3. Nuttify Champion website-development process wireframes Wireframes

    We wireframe key pages on your website. This allows us both to understand the layout and functionality of your website without getting distracted by pretty colours and images. This is a really important step, so that the underlying structure and code of your site is agreed and put in place early on.

  4. Nuttify champion website development process:  graphic overlayGraphic Overlay

    Once you have approve the wireframe layout for your website, we tart it up with your branding colours, logo and images.

  5. Nuttify Champion Website development: CodeCode

    Simultaneously to the graphic design process we begin implementing the functionality and coding structure of your website. This includes any customisations that you require.

  6. Nuttify website development process contentContent

    We then input your content that you have given us and format it for the web.

  7. Nuttify champion website development process testingTesting

    We test your website in a variety of common web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome as wells devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablets and Windows Phone.

  8. Nuttify champion website development process: launchLaunch

    The day has come! We are launching your website. After we receive final payment for your site we launch.

After launch support

We support you in an ongoing capacity with free bug squashing for 30 days post launch and by maintaining WordPress, all plugins and code through our Nuttify Cloud Hosting service. You can also buy support packages for us, should you need future development work.

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