Managing inventory and stock tracking on your eCommerce website


You will see a field titled “SKU”. If you are unfamiliar with SKU, it stands for Stock Keeping Unit and pronounced like “skew”. It is a method of tracking products, and must be a unique ID that doesn’t clash with any post ID’s on your site. For this reason, SKUs are often called part numbers, product numbers, and product identifiers. Having SKU’s on your products can make managing your stock inventory easier on your eCommerce website if you have a lot of products.

If this doesn’t really make sense to you dont worry, chances are you will not need to use this method of stock keeping on your site.


Under the Inventory Tab, you can choose to manage stock of your item or not. Ticking this box will give you access to add the number of products you have in stock.

This number will automatically be updated whenever someone purchases your item.

You can also determine the stock status, and update here if your product is out of stock, and if you are taking back orders on the product or not.
Inventory Status - eCommerce Website

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