Set up Mailchimp for a gravity form

Create Mailchimp subscriptions To create Mailchimp subscriptions we need to do the following for each form: Create a checkbox field with the following attributes: Title: Do you want to join the mailing list? Checkbox: Sure thing. Sign me up! Tick the checkbox so it is auto-ticked when the user fills out the form. They have […]

Setting up Mailchimp for clients

This article takes you through how to set up Mailchimp to clients. Login to MailchimpĀ  Below the Mailchimp logo it will say “Select an account, or create a new one” We’re going to create a new one so click on that “Create a new one” Put in the client’s email address Create a username and […]

Inserting a form

Inserting a form

After you have created your form you can insert it into any page or post. Do this by: When editing your post, click the “Add form” button between the title and main content area Select your form from the drop down list of forms on your site Choose whether you want the form title and […]