Updates, upgrades and a dollop of awesomeness

Updates, upgrades and a dollop of awesomeness

The web squirrels have taken advantage of the long weekend to apply some updates to Nuttify. These updates include:

  • Upgrading to WordPress 3.9
  • Upgrading the Woocommerce eCommerce plugin to the latest version: 2.1.7
  • Updates of sundry other plugins

WordPress 3.9 is awesome

Improved look and feel

The overall look of WordPress has improved, and the Dashboard is greatly improved for mobile usage. You can also choose your colour scheme on your profile edit page on the Dashboard.

Nuttify website admin colour schemes

Images work better with the editor

The main feature that we think is awesome is the media editing. You can now drag and drop images directly into the content editor when you are writing a post. You can also resize the images in the content editor as well.

If you are using the WordPress gallery functionality, you will now see the images in the gallery in the content editor, rather than the gallery placeholder image.

Easily edit images in the wordpress editor on Nuttify

Audio playlists

While WordPress 3.7 introduced a native media manager for audio and video, 3.9 brings audio playlists. So now you can upload your music to a post and then create a playlist within the editor.

WooCommerce new features

We’ve updaed  Woocommerce to 2.1.7. This brings a whole host of updates to the backend as well as the administrartion. Overall the settings are simplified and the depth of product management has improved, as have reporting tools.

WooCommerce 2.1 Peppy Penguin

And a whole host of other improvements under the hood

There are heaps of other improvements to WordPress that us web squirrels get excited about – but we won’t bore you with the details. Just rest assured that the updates help us make your website even more awesome.

We are here to help

This is a big upgrade that we have just completed, and there may be a few hiccups over the next few days. If you notice anything strange with your Nuttify website please let us know by filling in our contact form, or calling us on 1300 688 439 and we’ll get it sorted out promptly.

And please let us know your thoughts about the new Dashboard experience in the comments.

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