What’s a custom post type?

What’s a custom post type?

You will hear us talking about “custom post types” a little too often. Why is this? And what are are “custom post types”?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Basically custom post types are a feature introduced in WordPress 3.0 way back in 2010. WordPress historically had two types of posts:

  1. Blog posts, or just “posts”, which are time sensitive, regular updates
  2. Pages, which were meant for content that changed less often – like “Contact” or ” About”

However, with the release of WordPress 3,0, the door was thrown wide open. And developers can now define any type of post that they want to.

The most common sort of post types that Nuttify produce for clients include:

Why use custom post types in your website?

When we build custom post types for you, you benefit in a number of ways.

We’ll take the example of services. Many businesses provide multiple services. If you use pages as your way of generating your listing of services you need to do the following things:

  1. Create a master page that lists all of your services and
  2. Manually list all of the services in this page – linking to each other services page.
  3. Manually inserting all of the images and formatting all of the HTML
  4. Create all of the other services pages – making sure to link correctly from the master “Services” page

Now, this doesn’t seem like too much work to start with. But, what happens when you want to edit one of the services? You need to edit it in at least two place. The service page itself and the master service page listing. Also, if your HTML skills are not too hot, them you might muck up any formatting that your developer has put in there for you.

Sound like a pain, doesn’t it?

Enter the “Services” custom post type

When we create a “services” custom post type for you many of the problems highlighted above are solved, and your administration is made easier, because:

  1. We build a template page that automatically lists all of your services – in the order that you specify
  2. You only have to edit the service  once – and the listing page (archive page) updates automatically
  3. You add a feature image to the service and it propagates onto the archive page, and the single page for the service
  4. You can categorise your services, and these categories will have their own archive pages as well
  5. Create a service is just like writing a post or page, and relieves you of the stress of worrying about messing up your website.
  6. No HTML, no code required from you.

Examples of custom post types

Here’s a view of one of the Services custom post types that we have created for All Purpose Property Inspection:

A front end listing of services for All Purpose Property Inspection

A front end listing of services for All Purpose Property Inspection

Dashboard (administration) view of services custom post type listing

Dashboard (administration) view of services custom post type listing

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