TSBI – Upload new businesses and members

This helpful article walks you through how to upload new users and their businesses to The Small Business Institute website. Follow this steps:

Prepare the CSV files


Create a user CSV file with these  column headings:user_login (a concatenation of the users first and last names – all lowercase – no spaces)

  • user_login
  • user_email
  • user_pass (set to a default like “tsbirewards”)
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • role (set to “free_associate”)


Create a business CSV file with these column headings:post_title (their business name)

  • post_title (business name)
  • post_author (set to the username – same as in user upload sheet)
  • post_type (set to “business”)
  • post_status (set to “publish”)
  • field_51c7abd232c88  (business name)
  • field_51b91b73d9fbd (phone)
  • field_51be7a64aed47 (street address)
  • field_51be7a72aed48 (suburb/town)
  • field_51b91b52d9fbc (postcode – custom field key)


  1. Upload the users

Upload the users by going to Dashboard > Users > Import from CSV .

Use the following settings: leave all boxes unticked


imported user in user list

Upload the businesses

Upload the businesses by going to Dashboard > Import > CSV

successful import of business

Upload the user list to Mailchimp

  1. Login to Mailcimp
  2. Upload the User CSV to Mailchimp: See this helpful Mailchimp article and video for how to do this
  3. Go to your lists and select “Import” for the list you want to add users to
    mailchimp - import users to your list
  4. Choose your import method – Import from CSV
    mailchimp import - choose import method
  5. Choose the CSV File
    mailchimp choose CSV file
  6. Map the fields
    mailchimp map user fields
  7. Click “Complete Import”
    mailchimp ready to import
  8. Your automated welcome email will be sent from Mailchimp

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