TSBI – How to import users in WordPress

In TSBI website, we built the custom User features to work as a business listing. There will be times when you want to upload a long list of new business users in the database via WordPress dashboard. Please follow below steps to achieve that.

  1. The first and the most important step is to match the format of your spreadsheet to the sample spreadsheet. Column’s names have to be kept the same otherwise the importer will not know which column to import into where in the database. Please keep in mind that there are required columns which are “user_login”, “user_email”, “user_pass”, “first_name”, “last_name”, “display_name”, “role”. In those columns, “user_pass” is the password of the user. You should have a default password for all of your business users. “role” is the role of your user. In this case is “free_associate”. The other columns are not required. After finishing this, please save the spreadsheet as .csv format. Please download our sample spreadsheet from here.
  2. Log in your administrator page – wordpress daskboard and click on button “Users” on the left menu. This button is usually placed near the bottom of the menu list. In this sub menu list inside “Users”, you need to click on button named “Import From CSV”.
  3. In the “Import users from a CSV file” section, choose the file you want to upload. Make sure you already matched your spreadsheet with the our sample. You can choose to send the notification with login details to your user. IMPORTANT: Make sure the “Users update” is not ticked if you want to import new users. Otherwise there will be a chance that your current users will be overwritten. This importer looks for same email address and same names as well.

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