Nuttify Champion Website development kickoff checklist

If you are reading this page, then chances are that you are beginning your Champion Website Development with us! Yay!

This help article outlines the things that we need to get started on your website development, and provides a handy checklist for you to assemble all of the bits and pieces that we need.

It’s worth pointing out that all website projects are different, so this checklist outlines the common elements that most projects share. Your individual project may require more, or different things that you might need to share with us to realise your website project goals.

The best place to put all of these details is into the Basecamp project that we setup for you. You will be emailed details of how to access your Basecamp project. Login and submit all of these details in one, or more of these ways:

  • Start a discussion and upload all files, copy and paste relevant text and login details
  • Upload files from your project page
  • Start a document in Basecamp and put relevant details into that document

You can also email these details to us. What ever is easiest.

The Champion Website Development Kickoff Checklist

Business Details

  • Your full business details
    • Official business name
    • ABN and or company number
    • registered address,
    • contact details – if different

Your IT support system

Larger businesses often have IT support companies who work with them. IF you do have one – then we need to talk with them

  • Do you have an IT team who help you manage your office computers and network?
    • If so – who are they, what are their contact details, who is your main contact?
    • In your office, who manages the IT, and IT contractors, what are their contact details?

Your existing website

If you already have a website – or we are undertaking some work on an existing site, then we need to know how to login and get access to it.

  • Existing web hosting details
    • Your administrator login details for your existing website
      • URL for login
      • admin username
      • admin password
    • Your cPanel or other relevant server administrator details, namely:
      • URL for login
      • admin username
      • admin password
    • FTP access
      • URL for login
      • admin username
      • admin password

Branding and graphic design

We need access to any and all images that may be relevant to building your website. This may include:

  • Any branding guidelines that you have
  • A copy of your logo in one or more of these formats (a high quality format is essential to the success of our project):
    • Vector – Illustrator (.ai, .eps .pdf)
    • Photoshop (.psd)
    • Large format TIFF
    • Large JPEG
  • Any and all images, icons or graphics that you want to use – Dropbox is a good service to share these with us – or upload select one to Basecamp
  • What fonts do you use in your branding guidelines? Please tell us what your preference for fonts are

Domain name details

  • Domain name details (it is essential to get these details at the front end of the project):
    • Your domain name registrar – who did you register the domain name with?
    • Domain name administration URL, username and password

Email details

  • Email hosting details:
    • Which company hosts your emails?
    • What server are they hosted on?
    • Who administrates your email addresses and setup?

Google Analytics

If you have an existing google Analytics account please add the following user to your account as an administrator: See this help article to learn how to do this: How to add a user to your Google Analytics account

Google Webmasters

If you have an existing Google Webmasters account please also add the following user to your account as an administrator:


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