Champion Brief

Champion Brief

Now that we have received the first payment and we have both signed the website development agreement. We meet again, face to face, to revisit your aims for the website development, and get to know you and your business better.

Before this meeting we ask you to complete the Nuttify Champion Website development kickoff checklist.

We also find it very helpful to know about your target market. You can tell us about your target market with the Nuttify target market definition tool

Then when we meet we’ll run through these questions. It’s best to do this in person, but if you want to start the process with some notes – then please feel free. You can send them through to us before the meeting, or we can review them in the meeting. The purpose of doing this Champion Website brief is to

Your Champion Website Brief

  1. Name of your company and any nicknames it has [internally and externally].
  2. Your company tagline or motto
  3. A contact person for the champion website development
  4. Your Company background & values
    How did you get started? What is your company philosophy?
  5. Who are your customers/clients?
    Please describe your target market(s)
  6. Your Customer pain points
    What keeps your clients awake at 2am? What influences their decision to buy? To donate? Ask how they can help?
  7. Barriers to purchase:
    What makes it difficult for someone to contact you?
  8. Value proposition:
    What do you offer these people?
  9. What are the 3-4 main benefits that your clients/customers receive?
  10. Competitors and industry bodies:
    Give us a feel for the market/industry you work in.
  11. Alternatives
    What are the alternatives to your product or service?
  12. Your unique selling point (USP) or point of difference (POD):
    How are you different? What makes you so special?
  13. Testimonials:
    Do you have any quotes or testimonials from clients? Can you please send them to us?
  14. Brand personality:
    Describe the personality of your business in five words or fewer.
  15. Existing marketing material:
    So that we can make sure that your website complements your current marketing.
  16. Clubs, industry memberships & awards:
    These are great for building trust and authority on your website. How can you validate your expertise?

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