Shooting photos for your website

Shooting photos for your website

Images can communicate your message very clearly. Using wide images in your sliders can help present your message effectively. This article will take you through how to choose, shoot and edit photos and images for your website sliders and products.

Shooting Images for Sliders

  1. Nuttify takes a typical users eye movement patterns into consideration when designing your website, this is why we generally keep all text and call to actions on the right hand side of sliders.
  2. When shooting images for sliders you MUST ensure the images are shot in landscape rather than portrait so we can effectively crop your image for the slider without stretching and/or missing important parts of the image.
  3. You should also keep in mind the area where the text and call to actions will be placed, and focus on keeping the main attraction on the far side of your photo, rather than taking up too much space and leaving no room for text to sit separately.
  4. Ideally images should also have a lot of padding or extra space around the main area of the image to make cropping the image easier and to ensure we can fit. Compare the two images below, the first image can be cleanly cropped and still leaves room for text however the second image takes up too much real estate and when cropped to fit for our slider cuts our a large portion of the main attraction.

Product Shots

When shooting photos of your products, please ensure that the images can be cropped square.

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