Set up Mailchimp for a gravity form

Create Mailchimp subscriptions

To create Mailchimp subscriptions we need to do the following for each form:

  1. Create a checkbox field with the following attributes:
    • Title: Do you want to join the mailing list?
    • Checkbox: Sure thing. Sign me up!
    • Tick the checkbox so it is auto-ticked when the user fills out the form. They have to untick it to avoid joining
  2. Have at least one list in Mailchimp
  3. Set up a Mailchimp feed under Forms > Mailchimp

Setting up the Mailchimp Feed

After creating the checkbox fields for each form on the your site do the following:

  1. Go To Dashboard > Forms > Mailchimp
  2. Create a new feed
  3. Select the list from the drop down (You can create different lists on mailchimp. For example, Advocacy list / Contact list / Subscribe list)
  4. Select the form from the next drop down
  5. Map form input fields to list fields
  6. Enable “Opt in condition” and set ┬áto the field we recently created in the form called “Would you like to join the email list” set the condition to “Sure thing. sign me up!”
  7. Turn off double opt in and “send a welcome email”

Repeat these steps for all forms on your site.

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