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Variable Products are a great feature we offer for your eCommerce website which are used when offering variations of a product with different prices, attributes, stock etc. An example of this would be if you are selling T Shirts and offering a variation of sizes. This product will walk you through variation attributes and creating a variable product.

  1. First, select the product type “Variable Product”, from the dropdown in the product data tab set
    Product Type eCommerce Website
  2. Define Product Variation Attributes – On the “Attributes” tab, add some variation attributes to your product. This can be done here by adding custom attributes to your product, however if you would like to set some global attributes that you will be using across your site (eg. Small, Medium Large sizes) you can set these under Products > Attributes. It is a good idea to open this window in a new tab to ensure you don’t lose any changes made on your product.
    Attributes eCommerce Website
  3. You will be taken to a new page which gives you the ability to add variations. Enter the name of your variation, and set the “type” to “select” This is the best option when setting attributes for variables
    Size Attribute eCommerce Website
  4. You will now see the name of your attribute in the list in the right hand column. Select “Configure Terms” to add some terms to your attribute.
    Configure Terms eCommerce Website
  5. You will be taken to a page similar to the previous one, however this manages the terms for your chosen attribute. Add the required terms just as we just did the parent attribute. In this case, small, medium large.
    eCommerce Website
  6. Now, back to your product and the attributes tab. From the dropdown list of attributes, you should now see your global attribute listed as so
    Attributes Size - eCommerce Website
  7. Once selected, add the attributes to your product. Clicking in the field should give you a list of terms to choose for. This is helpful if you only want to display Small and Medium on a product, and exclude large.
    Add Atribute for eCommerce website
  8. Make sure you tick the make visible, and used for variations boxes, to enable these attributes for product variations
  9. Save your chosen attributes and then navigate to the variations tab
  10. From here, choose Add a Variation, and configure the specifications for your variations
    Small Variation - eCommerce website
  11. From here you can configure various options specific to this variation
    • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) – You can set a specific SKU for this product variation. If left blank will automatically take the parent products SKU
    • Stock Quantity – Here you can manage the stock number of the specific variation
    • Regular Price – You MUST enter a price for your variation here. It also gives you the option to add a sale price for variations if you would like to put a certain variation on sale.
    • Weight and Dimensions – You can enter weight and dimensions here.
    • If there is a certain shipping class you wish to use, choose it from the dropdown menu here. Otherwise, the parent products shipping class will be set as default
    • Image – On the left side, you also are given the option to select a featured image for your product variation. This means, whenever somebody chooses your variation from the dropdown list, the main product thumbnail will change to this image.
      Add Image - eCommerce website
    • Downloadable and Virtual – You can also check either one of these boxes if the variation is downloadable or virtual.
  12. Save your variations, publish the product, and you should see a dropdown list of all your variations on the product page!

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