Product Attributes – How to set up and use for variation products

If you are using Woocommerce plugin for your Ecommerce, there is big chance that you will have to use product attributes. This help article will help you to understand how to add a new attributes for variation products and other types of product.

Firstly, if the product you want to add a new attribute to is a variation product, you should create attribute before you create that product. Below steps will walk you through the process.

  1. Go to your website’s WordPress dashboard. Look at the menu on the left. Mouse over “Products” and click on “Attributes”

  2. In the Attribute panel, you can “Add New Attribute” by adding “Name”, “Slug” (if you are not sure about Slug, leave that field blank). You can choose type of the attribute (most of the time you just have to use text). You can choose “Default sort order” type such as “Custom ordering”, “Name” or “Term ID”. This feature is for you to order “Terms” of your attribute which you can see after creating the attribute.



  3. After creating the attribute, you can add “Terms” to your attribute such as large, medium, small for size attribute. You will need to type in name, slug and the parent of the term. “Parent” is used if your term has a sub-term. For example, children term will has 6-8 months kid or 24-36 months…


You have finished creating a new attribute with terms.

After creating a new attribute, if you want to use it for your variation products, you can go to add your product. Below steps will walk you through the process of creating a variation product and add new attributes to many variations of that product.

  1. To have a variable product, you will have to choose from the drop down list of product type like the below image.

  2. product_attribute_05

  3. After having a variable product, you can click on “attributes” option in the same panel. In this option window, you will need to choose the attribute you created from the drop down list and click “ADD”.


  4. Now, you should have the attribute you chose appears in the attribute window. You can type in new terms of that attribute and click “Add New” to add to the attribute. You can also select all terms you created for the attribute by clicking “Select All”. Please remember to make sure the “Visible on the product page” option and “Used for Variations” option are ticked. Finally, click “Save attributes” button to save your change.


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