Preparing content for your champion website

Preparing content for your champion website

What is champion content? To put it simply, champion content is everything on your website. This includes:

  • Text – commonly referred to as “copy”
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Downloads (PDFs, audio and video)
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Descriptions of your services
  • Your products – physical or digital
  • FAQs

All of your content on your website needs to be laser focussed on your business goals. All of your content needs to clearly communicate your unique selling proposition and solve your ideal customer’s problems.

If you don’t feel confident writing all of this content, then hire a copywriter to do so. All of your content must give outstanding value to your website users.

This is so that you build up a strong picture of why you are the authority in your industry. When you give away value and demonstrate your authority, you build trust with your target market. And trust and authority are what sell online most effectively.

So how do you create this Champion Content?

Step 1: Plan your content

What content will your website have? Remember to put yourself in your customers shoes and ask “what’s in it for me?”. People who come to your website – whether someone has told them about you, or they found you via a search, or come from Facebook, or other social media want to know if you can solve their problem right now. You content needs to show that you can solve their problem, or at least promise to do so soon.

Standard pages that your champion website needs include:

  • Home
    One of the most important pages on your site. Your homepage needs to communicate your most important message quickly and clearly.
  • About
    People love to read your “About us” page to learn more about you and your company
  • Contact
    All of your relevant contact details, your location, phone numbers and contact form.
  • Blog
    Your content marketing and news feed powerhouse

If you provide services

You need to have the following for each service you offer:

  1. A feature image
    You need an image that clearly shows the benefits to your customers at a glance. Remember that a picture tells a thousand words
  2. A video
    Even better than a picture is a video that outlines the benefits of this service
  3. Short description
    Describe the benefits of each service in 50 words or less.
  4. Long description
    300-400 words describing the benefits to your customers for this service
  5. Call to action
    What action do you want the user to take? Call you, book a service, download a free report, or something else?

If you sell products online

For each product you need:

  1. A feature image
    You need at least one image of your product to use as a feature image
  2. Lots of other images to use in a photogallery
    People love to see lots of images of your products online. Tthink of it as a substitute for them being able to pick it up and look at it in storeinstore
  3. A video
    Even better than a picture is a video that outlines the benefits of this product
  4. Short description
    Describe the benefits of the product in 50 words or less.
  5. Long description
    300-400 words describing the benefits to your customers of this product
  6. Price
  7. Meta data
    Length, width, height, weight, any other attributes that are unique to this product


Your blog is the best place to do your online marketing. What I mean by this, is that regular news articles posted to your blog helps to market your business in several ways. This topic is really big enough for its own book, but we’ll quickly summarise some of the benefits of writing regular blog posts here:

  1. Google loves regular content that give outstanding value to your readers
  2. Blog posts can be automated to send to your email list through Mailchimp
  3. You get to educate your customers about what you do and why you do it
  4. You get to highlight customer success stories, or industry developments
  5. It produces high value shareable content that gets you in front of new prospects via social media channels


Customer testimonials are a great way to show how much value you deliver to your clients and customers. Testimonials help prospective customers assess how good you are at what you do, or the products you sell.

Each testimonial should have:

    1. A feature image
      Ideally this should be a photo of the person, or their business logo, or the product or service in their home or business
    2. A video
      Even better than a picture is a video that shows your customer talking about how awesome you are
    3. The short, sharp, focussed testimonial that says how awesome you are
    4. The person’s website URL
      It’s good to provide a link back to the person, or business providing the testimonial to show that you didn’t just make it up

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs are a great place to give answers to questions that you get asked all of the time. It is also a great place to put answers to questions that you wish you were asked.

Each FAQ should have:

  1. A question (yes, i know…it seems simple, but it had to be said)
  2. An answer
    Short, sharp and to the point. Link to any other resources you have on your site like blog posts, services, free reports, etc. Or link out to other helpful sites like Wikipedia, news articles or other relevant resources.

Follow these guidelines when writing text for the website

  • Your website is not about you, or your business, it is about your customers.
    How are you going to solve their problems right now? Put yourself in your customers shoes. What do they want? how can we give to them quickly and easily?
  • People don’t read, they scan.
    So, less is more. Break up text into sections, using headings that outline what the section is about.
  • You are solving someone’s problem – how are you going to help them?
  • Include the reader in your text. Use the words “You” and “Your” in your copy. Avoid the words “we”, “us” and “I”. See point 1.

We have created a Google Docs Website content Template for you to use to create your champion content. You can access it in Google Docs.

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