Post excerpts or ‘teasers’

Post excerpts or ‘teasers’

Your Nuttify-built website may include an excerpt from you posts or pages on your homepage or category and archive pages with a ‘read more’ link to the full article.  These are usually based on the first 50 words of your article and can often end mid-sentence.

However, this does not have to be so! If you want to provide a summary that is complete and self contained then Post Excerpts are your friend! There are two ways to set up post excerpts:

  1. By adding a handcrafted ‘mini version’ of your post or page to the Excerpt field. This filed can be found in your WordPress dashboard, under the main text of your post or page. It needs to be set up first, view the video below to see how.
  2. OR by simply adding a ‘more’ tag under the first sentence of your post. Again, the video below demonstrates how to do this.

[wpmudev-video video=”excerpt”]

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