Ordering content by “Menu Order” for your Champion Website

Ordering content by “Menu Order” for your Champion Website

At Nuttify HQ we often create Custom Post Types for your website. An example of a custom post type is “Services” , or “Help Articles”, which you are reading right now.

Your blog posts are ordered by date published, with the latest one at the top. This is because your news feed should show your most recent post first, then as your readers scroll down the page they go back in time through your older posts.

However, you don’t want your services, or gallery items listing by date published – so we often set them up to order by “Order”.

How to order your custom posts

How to change your custom post type menu order on your Nuttify WordPress website
When you are editing your post in your website Dashboard look for the box names “Attributes” in the right hand column. The Attributes metabox has the following setting fields:

  1. Parent: This post can have a parent post – which allows you to create a hierarchy of your content – useful if you have services which are part of a service category, for example. (How this hierarchy displays, depends on your theme, and any templates that we have created for you.
  2. Order: This is the order that the posts will display in.

Setting the order

I recommend using a series of numbers like: 10, 20, 30 ,40 ,50 or  100, 200, 300, 400, 500 to set the order on your posts.

Why is this? Well image that you have 99 gallery items and you number them 1 – 99. Then you realise that you want #98 to be #2. Whoops. You now have to renumber 98 posts! What a waste of time.

If you number your posts 10,20,30…990 then to move the 98th post (number 980) to the second spot. You just need to renumber that post to 15.

And you still have spare spots to slot in other posts around it.


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