Nuttify Champion Website User Interface Design Guidelines

Nuttify Champion Website User Interface Design Guidelines

This is part one of what will be several articles about how to effectively design a Champion Website

At Nuttify we believe in giving users what they want, when they want it. Using user focused design principles we aim to build and maintain websites that build businesses and reach our client’s objectives.

The overarching principles that we design by are

  • Don’t make me think
    Users don’t think and will follow design cues and clear paths to achieving their goals¬†when there is clarity and low cognitive load.
  • User focussed
    What do our client’s website users want? How can we give it to them quickly and easily? Obsessive user focus will drive conversions and outcomes, ultimately achieve the website’s outcomes.
  • Outcome based
    What is the primary objective of the website? Calls & contact emails? Signing up to a campaign? Education? Once we have a clearly defined outcome for the website, then we can design it to achieve that outcome.
  • Responsive and device appropriate
    The website page elements fluidly rearrange themselves to suit the screen width, and page elements are shown or hidden to enable ease of use on each device class (mobile, tablet and desktop)
  • Data driven
    We use analysis of analytics to determine how people are using the website that we build and we adjust them to optimise their outcomes.

Getting ready to design a Champion Website

Before we can begin designing a Champion Website we need to know a few things about the client, their users/customers and the site’s objectives. So we’ll need:

The Champion Website’s Vision

Before we can start travelling towards our destination we need to know where we are going. This comes down to defining a vision for the Champion Website.

Define the Champion Website’s target market

Define the target market of the website with this handy tool.

Once we know who the target market is we can research what will likely appeal to them. And start making decisions and educated guesses that inform the design process.

Define the most important outcome for the Website

What is the most important outcome for the website? It may be:

  • Sales of products online (eCommerce)
  • Enquiries (Sales funnel)
  • Advocacy – engaging with a community and advocating for them
  • Education – educating people about your cause, offering or service
  • Some other outcome that the client wants to achieve

Define the secondary and tertiary outcomes for the Champion Website

There can be 2 or more outcomes for the Champion Website, but we need to prioritise the messages and content on the site to emphasise the most important outcome.

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