Naming images for your Champion Website

Naming images for your Champion Website

It is important to choose champion images for your website.

Images help people scan your website and decide whether you are interesting enough for them to spend their time reading. The value of champion images that capture your readers’ attention cannot be underestimated.

Choosing champion images is half the battle.

It is also important to name your images well

Please note that we are talking about the name of your image file. Google indexes everything on your website. Including the names of your images.

Here’s how NOT to name your images:

  • IMG_12345.jpg

Why do you think this is a bad idea?

Well you’d be right if you said that the name tells us nothing about what is in the image.

A better name would be: champion-website-designer-melbourne.jpg

If you happened to be a Champion Website Designer like the squirrels at Nuttify.

Use dashes, or underscores?

Your keywords in your image name need to be separated by dashes ( – ), not underscores ( _ ).

This is because:

  • Dashes separate the words. To Google this is four different words: champion-website-designer-melbourne.jpg
  • Undersores make them all into one word: champion_website_designer_melbourne.jpg

This is subtle, but vitally important distinction in naming your images.

You should also fill out the ALT tag

ALT tags for images were created to allow vision impaired people to know what is going on with the images on webpages. Vision Impaired people use screen readers to read webpages to them. Obviously vision impaired people can’t see you images very well, so the ALT tag is there to describe the image to them.

You should provide a good description of the image, and feel free to use a keyword or two in there. But not too many.

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  1. Heath September 4, 2015 at 11:16 am #

    More champion wisdom – thanks Ajax!

    • Ajax McKerral September 4, 2015 at 1:55 pm #

      Thanks for reading, Heath! I hope that you got a lot out of it. With SEO every little bit helps.

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