How to mark your car products as “SOLD”

In order to mark any of your car products as “SOLD”, there are 2 ways to do this. First way is to quick edit the product right in the products page. The second way is to edit the product in that product’s individual page.

First way : To do it right in the products page, please follow steps below.

  1. Clicks on the “Products” tab on left menu of WordPress dashboard.healey-factory-help
  2. Hover the car product you want to alter status and click on “Quick Edit”
  3. Near the end of the selected product, check on the “Manage stock” check box, another textbox will appear in which you can type in a number. You have to set this to “0”.

Second way : To do it in the individual product page, please follow steps below.

  1. In the products page, mouse over one product and click “Edit”.
  2. In that individual product page, find and click on the “inventory” tab in “Product Data” section of the product.
  3. In “inventory” tab, enable stock management at product level by ticking the check box. Set the Stock quantity to “0”.

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