Managing Shipping on your eCommerce website

Managing Shipping on your eCommerce website

Our eCommerce facilities offer several different shipping options and ways to manage the price of shipping throughout your online store. This article will walk you through the shipping options for your eCommerce website.

Setting up shipping methods on your eCommerce website

In most cases the developers working on your site would have already set up the shipping methods for your site, but if you wish to add or change them, follow these simple steps.

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings, and then the Shipping tab.
  2. From the main page, you can decide whether to enable shipping, enable the shipping calculator and shipping destination information.
    You will also see a list of shipping methods with ticks next to them. The ticks will be a dark grey colour when not enabled, but then change to a red tick after they have been set up and enabled. As you can see in the screenshot below, the flat rate shipping is the only method enabled.
    Shipping Methods on your eCommerce website
  3. To enable the different shipping methods, you will see a horizontal list of shipping options at the top of the current page
    Shipping Methods on your eCommerce website
  4. I’ll now take you through the different shipping methods and setting up each one.

    Flat Rate Shipping

    1. Click on the link to the Flat Rate shipping page, then enter the appropriate information in each field as seen below.
      Shipping Methods on your eCommerce website
    2. To enable this method, tick the check box at the top of the page as above
    3. You are then given the option to rename the shipping method if you would like to
    4. You can then select from the drop down menu the availability of the shipping method in specific countries or across all countries
    5. You can also select whether the shipping is taxable or not
    6. Then enter the cost per order of the flat rate shipping method
    7. This method also gives you the ability to add additional rates (Express Post, Tracking etc)
    8. To do this, enter each additional method on a new line followed by the pipe (|) to separate the name, additional costs, and then whether or not the cost is applied to the order, individual item or class eg. “Express Post | 5.00 | order.”
      Additional Rates - Shipping Methods on your eCommerce website
    9. You can then choose to add additional costs based on item class, this is handy if you have larger products on your page and would like to charge substantially more for shipping.

    Free Shipping

    Free shipping is pretty self explanatory and very easy to set up. Navigate to the Free Shipping page and enter the appropriate information in each field.
    Free Shipping on your eCommerce website
    With free shipping you can set a pre-requisite for the method to be valid. You can choose from

    • A valid free shipping coupon
    • A minimum order amount (which you will define in the field below)
    • A minimum order amount OR a coupon
    • A minimum order amound AND a coupon

    International Delivery

    If you would like to enable delivery for international customers, you can do so here based on flat rate shipping.
    Enter the information in each field just like the previous methods, and remember to include which specific countries you ship to.

    Local Delivery

    Local delivery is a simple shipping method for delivering orders locally. Here you can set a fee type based on a fixed price, percentage of the cart total, or a fixed price per product. You can also add in specific postcodes you offer the delivery service to.

    Local Pickup

    Local pickup is a simple method which allows the customer to pick up their order themselves. This is very simple to setup as there aren’t many different options when picking up an order locally. However you can also limit the postcodes which are available to access this service.

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