Logging in and viewing your Nuttify site

This article will go through the process of logging in and viewing your Nuttify website. Both when it is under development and after launch.

Development Stage

When your site is in the development stage, we use a separate domain where you can visit and view the progress of your site. This will usually be “yourdomainname.nuttify.com”.

Upon visiting this URL. You will not be able to view your site without logging in. This is because we don’t want your customers or other people visiting the unfinished site, thus we discourage indexing by Google and password protect it.

  1. Upon visiting the temporary development domain we have assigned your website, you should get a page that looks something like this

    Logging In

  2. From here, enter the Username and password that would have been assigned to you by one of Nuttify’s Web Developers.
  3. You will then be taken to the “back end” of your site, the WordPress Dashboard.
  4. In the top left corner of the page, you will see the name of your Website/Company. Hover over this and click visit site.
  5. Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.26.46 AM

  6. You will then be taken to your new Nuttify website
  7. After launch

    Your Nuttify site has been launched and you would like to login to your website to edit some content but are unsure how. We will walk through the simple steps to do so.

    1. Visit “yourdomain.com/login
    2. Enter your login details for the website and press login
    3. It’s as simple as that!

      Not seeing some changes we have made?

      If we have made some tweaks to the layout of your site, and you’re not seeing these. This may be because of caching, and you may need to clear your web browsers cache.
      You can read more about caching and how it effects your website, and clearing your browsers cache in this article.

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