How to edit your slider settings

How to edit your slider settings

This help article looks at how to change the settings for the slides on your website, for example how your slides transitions (eg fade or swipe) or how many seconds they will appear on screen for.
If you want to change the font placement, size or colour on your slide you’ll need to let us know and we can edit these settings for you.

Most of the themes used by Nuttify should have the below pictured interface to change the slider setting. If not, get in touch and we’ll review the theme we have set-up for your site.

    1. On the left-hand menu in your website’s WordPress dashboard, locate the your ‘theme setting tab’. The name may be different to the image below depending on the name of your theme: eg “Hustle’, ‘One Pager’, ‘Canvas’ etc. You can identify your theme name by looking for the ‘Woo’ logo. After clicking this button, choose the theme options in the drop down list.
    2. The theme option panel should now be open and  you will see another menu on the left of the panel. In this menu, there’s a tab called ‘Featured Slider’. If you click on this, you will be able to see the ‘Slider Content’ and ‘Slider Settings’ section.
    3. Looking at the ‘Slider Content’ section you can edit the following options:
      • Enabled featured slider:  If you don’t want the slider to appear on your on the homepage, uncheck this box.
      • Number of slides: Specifies the number of  slides which will appear on your homepage. If you have added 10 slides, and this setting specifies 3, then only 3 of those 10 slides you have added will appear.
      • Slide group: This setting is optional and you need to create a slide group first in order to enable it. Once you have set up a number of slide groups you can switch effortlessly between them, depending on what you want to feature on your home page. For example a clothing store could have a ‘Summer range’ slide group and a ‘Winter range’ slide group and switch between them depending on the season.
      • Display title on video slides: Yes, you can add video video slides! The specifies whether you want a title to appear on your video slide.
      • Display order: Change the order your slides will appear from newest to oldest or oldest to newest. help-slider-03
    4. In the ‘Slider Settings’ panel, there are a number of other options to choose from:
      • Animation effect: Choose how you want your slides to transition (eg slide or fade).
      • Next/previous navigation: Turn on or off the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons on your slider (these usually show up as arrows on the left and right edges of the slider and provide easier user interaction).
      • Pagination controls: Turn on or off the pagination controls on your slider  (these usually show up as dots under your slides and provide easier user interaction).
      • Pause on hover: Pauses the slider when a user hovers their mouse over a slide.
      • Pause on action: Pauses the slider if a user clicks on the slider’s navigation buttons.
      • Auto-animate interval: How long (in seconds) each slide will be shown before transitioning to the next slide.
      • Animation Speed: How long (in seconds) the transition effect will take between two slides.


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