How to edit slider settings in the theme options

In this article, we will walk you through the different settings and options available for your Nuttify Sliders.

Locating the slider settings

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, access your theme settings. This will be different depending on which WooTheme we have built upon for your site.
  2. The link to your theme settings is usually sitting under the comments tab. Hover over this link and there you will find “theme options”. If you are having trouble locating this you can alternatively go straight to the page via (Replace with your websites domain name)
  3. themeoptions

  4. From the theme options, you will see a list of options to edit on the left hand side (This list may vary depending on theme)
  5. Find and click “Featured Slider”
  6. woothemeoptions

  7. By default you will be taken to the “Slide Content” settings page. We will now go through the options available on this page
  8. Slide Content


    1. Enable Featured Slider – Quite self explanatory, keep this box ticked if you wish for a slider to appear on your homepage
    2. Title – Again, if you wish to title your featured slider, enter here. By default it is left blank and you will not see a heading on your slider. We recommend NOT having a title for your slider.
    3. Number of slides – From this dropdown you can select the number of slides you wish to be visible on your homepage.
    4. Slide Group – If you have created a specific slide group you wish the slider to use, select this here from the dropdown list. If you are unsure what slide groups are and/or how to implement them, see: How to create a slide group
    5. Display title on video slides – Tick this box to enable slide content to be displayed on slides with videos embedded into them. For more information on embedding videos into slides, see: VIDEOSLIDES
    6. Display Order – Here you can select whether the slides are displayed from newest to oldest or oldest to newest.

    Slider Settings

    We will now go through the options available on the Slider Settings page. Navigate to the “Slider Settings” page from the left column.

    1. Animation Effect – Here you can select whether you would like your front page slider to “Slide” into the next slider, or “fade”.
    2. Next/Previous Navigation – Here you can select whether or not to enable the next/previous navigation (Arrows) on your slider
    3. Pagination – This enables you to select whether or not to enable the pagination navigation method. If you are unsure what the difference is between Next/Prev and Pagination, we will go through that now.
    4. slidernavigation

    5. Pause on hover - This option decides whether or not the sliders pause when hovering over them.
    6. Pause on action - Using the slider navigation will pause the automatic animation, and will no longer automatically slide without clicking to the next slide
    7. Auto Animate Interval - The time in seconds each slide pauses for, before transitioning to the next. Set this to “off” to disable automatic animations
    8. Animation Speed - The time in seconds the animation between slides will take.

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