How to create a slide group

With the sliders we use on most Nuttify sites, you have the ability to create “Slide Groups”. Slide Groups are an easy way to organize your slides and are especially useful if you have multiple sliders on your site and only wish to show a specific group of slides on each one.

This article will walk you through how to add and manage slide groups.

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard navigate to Slides > Slide Groups.
  2. slidegroups

  3. In the left column, you will see a “Add New Slide Group” heading, accompanied by a number of fields
  4. Enter the name for your Slide Group, leave the Slug blank as this will auto generate
  5. You can link a slide group to a parent slide group if there are any previously existing groups
  6. Write a short description for your slide group (optional)
  7. Click the “Add New Slide Group” button, and voila, your slide group has been created, you should now see it in the right hand column
  8. If you are interested in setting your homepage to display a certain slide group, we will walk through this process in How to edit slider settings in theme options

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