Why we use Gravity Forms

Why we use Gravity Forms

We use a very powerful and flexible WordPress plugin called Gravity Forms on all of your favourite Nuttify sites. This plugin requires no prior knowledge of code and it’s as easy as it gets for you to create a new form on your website.

Why we use Gravity Forms

There are countless benefits and features you get from using Gravity Forms, here are just a few of them.

Ease of use

Gravity forms can be used by ANYONE! You don’t need to be an expert coder or even have knowledge of basic HTML to work this one out. It’s simply drag and drop fields, and inserting the form into a page as easy as adding a photo.

Create forms to generate new wordpress posts

With Gravity forms, the advanced post field sections gives you the ability to set up forms that automatically draft a new post. With fields such as Title, Body, Image, Tags etc it’s never been easier to allow users to write posts for your site.

Dynamically populate fields

Gravity Forms has the ability to easily populate certain fields dynamically. This information can be easily passed via Query Strings, Shortcode and/or Hooks. This is handy to be able to auto fill basic user data that may already exist if the user is logged in on your site for example. And if you dont want users to see the value of the field, gravity forms also has the ability to make fields “Admin Only”.

Multi Page Forms

Gravity Forms makes use of Multi Page forms, even giving you the option to have a nifty status bar animation at the top of your page. It also has built in abilities to insert page breaks each with their own headings.

Gravity Forms and eCommerce

Gravity Forms has an add on that allows us to integrate it with our eCommerce platform, WooCommerce. If that’s not enough, the plugin in itself offers pricing and product fields, all integrable with PayPal!

Conditional Logic

Gravity Forms has built in ability to use Conditional Logics on your forms straight out of the box. This means if certain fields will only apply under certain conditions, you can use a conditional logic statement rather than complicating your form with unnecessary fields with a message something like.. “if so and so”.

Integration with other major online services

Gravity Forms out of the box has the ability to integrate with PayPal. It also features a number of add ons available to integrate your website with services such as MailChimp (We use this a lot on your websites), Twilio, Freshbooks and more. Read more about the integration with these services on your websitehere.

These are just some of the benefits that come with using Gravity Forms, there are many more that I’m sure you will take advantage of along the way.

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