How to create an advocacy form

  1. Select “Forms” on left hand side menu of WordPress dashboard.
  2. Choose “New Form” to create a new form.
  3. Enter name and description of the form as you want and hit “Save”. Please note Form Description is not required when creating form.
  4. In order to create a space for you to describe the issue and why people should take action, click on “Standard fields” on right hand side menu, then click on “HTML”. You will see a new form element appears on left hand side of the window. This is the main form fields area. Give it a name if you want, otherwise in this case just leave it empty. In “Content” panel, you can enter the text as desired.Step_4
  5. In order to create name, email, phone, state, country fields, click on “Advanced fields” and choose related fields such as Name (need first and last name to use for mailchimp list later), email, phone. With State and Country fields, click on “Standard fields” and choose “Drop Down” field. In the “Properties” panel, you will see the option of “Bulk Add/ Predefined Choices”. There will be Australian States and Countries for you to choose from.Step_9
  6. To create a field for subject line, go to “Standard fields” and choose “Single line text”. New form field will be added at the bottom of the form. You can change the field label “Subject”. If you want to insert default value, click on “Advanced” panel and enter your “Default Value”.Step_10
  7. In order to create a field that holds your default letter message, click on “Paragraph Text” in “Standard fields” on right hand side menu. New form field will be added to the main form area. In this new field, give it a field label. It will be displayed as the field name on the real form. After that, click on “Advanced” panel on the same panel (next to Properties panel). From this panel, you will be able to add in your default letter message in “Default value” field. With this set up, the viewer will be able to change the letter message’s content as they want or leave it like default.Step_5_a Step_5_b
  8. To create a field for people to add their own comments, repeat step 5 but skip the step of adding “default value” in “Advanced” panel.
  9. To create a field showing who the email will be sent to, click on “Advanced fields” on the right hand side and choose “Email” field. New form field will be added to the main form area. In this area, add the field label of this email field and go to “Advanced” panel to add the default value. Remember to “Visibility” to Admin only.Step_7
  10. To create checkbox for viewer to join your mail list, Click on “Standard fields” and choose “Checkboxes”. New field will be added to main form area. In this new field’s panel, give it a field label. (Would you like to join our mail list?). Next, just keep one choice and name it something like (Sure thing! Sign me up) and check the checkbox next to it to make sure the field will be checked automatically as the page is loaded. Step_8

In order to make it easier for you to follow the process, we separated this Form setup process into different parts. The part you are reading is “create the form”. The other parts are “Set up form confirmation and notification” and “Set up mailchimp for gravity form”.

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