How can I change my display name from username to another name?

There will be times when you have to create an user account in order to use a website’s service. And there will be times when you create a random username. Let say later on you like the website and want to keep using that website’s services, your name will be displayed as that random username. With wordpress, you can’t change that username. However, you can change the display name of your account. For example, when you comment on a post, the random username will be replaced by new display name.

This help article will walk you through the process of changing your display name.

  1. Firstly, login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Secondly, scroll down the main dashboard menu on the left hand side, choose or hover “Users” menu item, then click on “Your profile”.
  3. Now, you will be able to see your first name, last name, nickname. There will be an option named “Display name publicly as”. If you have entered your first name, last name and nickname, you will be able to choose what name you want to display publicly. It can be your username, your first name, your last name or a combination of first and last name. Choose the one you want to use, save and it’s done !

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