eCommerce website product types

eCommerce website product types

Product Types

Under the product data tab set, you will see a product type drop down. This allows you to set a certain product type for your product, from Simple, Grouped, External or Variable. This section will walk through the differences between these, so you can decide which is the best fit for your products on your eCommerce website. These descriptions of the product type can be found within the WooThemes documentation.

eCommerce website product types

  • The Simple product type covers the vast majority of any products you may sell. Simple products are shipped and have no options. For example, a can of drink.
  • A Grouped product is a collection of related products which can be purchased individually and can only consist of simple products. For example, a simple product for a PS3 could be a grouped product as there are 80GB, 120GB and 200GB variations of that same parent product.
  • An External or Affiliate product is one which you list and describe on your web site, but is sold elsewhere.
  • A Variable product is a product which has several different variations, each of which may have a different SKU, price, stock options etc. For example a tshirt available in several different colours and/or sizes.

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