Customer Reviews to drive sales conversions on your eCommerce website

Customer Reviews to drive sales conversions on your eCommerce website

Nuttify’s eCommerce platform offers a built in easy review system for your website. You have the ability to enable or disable this on your products but we strongly recommend enabling this, as quite simply REVIEWS INCREASE CONVERSION RATES!

How many times have you been searching for a product online and wanted to read some reviews before you made the final purchase? If I had to bet, it’s probably more than once! This is why you need reviews on your products.

After doing some of my own research on product reviews and the benefits, here are the stats..

The Stats

Reviews on your eCommerce website

  • Surveys have shown 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews! (iPerceptions).
  • Another survey by online review site “EXPO” shows consumer reviews are trusted almost 12 times more, than content of descriptions from the seller and or manufacturers!
  • Visitors who read other consumer reviews on your website have a 6% higher average order value than visitors who did not read reviews. (BazaarVoice).

Well there you go, the facts clearly show a strong benefit in allowing reviews and driving customers to your site. Customer Reviews are a good way of eliminating consumer doubts with a product, and even the seller, if they are unfamiliar with your website and unsure whether to trust you with their personal details.

What about negative reviews?

A big concern with allowing reviews is the fear of getting negative reviews and driving customers away from your site, BUT another study by Reevoo has found that the presence of negative reviews on your website actually increases the customers trust of a site by more than 60% and helped to increase conversion rates! A good balance of reviews boosts your credibility, especially if you are responding to the negative reviews and providing the consumer with good customer service to rectify their problems.

Search Engine Optimisation

Its no secret that Google loves new content, and the presence of new reviews will help to boost your listing in the search engines, not to mention the amount of users that will be searching for terms like “Your product + review”. Having reviews for products will dramatically increase the chances of consumers stumbling across your site through google and making a purchase!

Getting Reviews

One way to promote user reviews is through coupons included with eCommerce. We give you the option to send coupons to users who submit reviews on your eCommerce website. This is a great incentive for posting reviews and a way to increase the chance of the customer purchasing from your site again! We cover the eCommerce coupons feature in more detail in Adding and Managing Coupons

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