Creating a Mailchimp RSS Feed from your Champion WordPress Website

Creating a Mailchimp RSS Feed from your Champion WordPress Website

Mailchimp RSS feeds simplify and automate keeping in touch with your prospects and customers.

We do this a lot for customers because it is an easy way to post a blog post and have the post sent to your mailing list.

      1. Login to Mailchimp
      2. If you are managing more than one account select it from the list
      3. Create a new campaign – click Campaign on the top right of the “Campaigns” screen
      4. Select RSS-Driven Campaign
      5. Find the main RSS feed from the client’s site that you want to use – this is usually just “/feed/” after the URL. i.g.: Like:
      6. Set time to: Every day,  8am
      7. Click Recipients at the bottom of the screen
      8. Set recipients to the main list (unless otherwise instructed)
      9. Fill in campaign details -use sensible descriptors.
      10. Click “Template” at the bottom of the screen
      11. Choose a template. Less is more in this case. We tend to go with 1 column
      12. Design:
        1. Add logo to the top – you may need to edit the image so that it fits the space nicely – smaller the better
        2. Edit the main text area and use Mailchimp RSS merge tags
        3. Here’s a handy starting place for your RSS merge tags:

        4. Make sure that you edit the default header content – this gives you a preview in the email client
        5. Add social follow section below RSS feed main content area. Add things like: Facebook, Twitter, Website, Email, Pinterest
      13. Test your design by using “Preview and test” from the  top right menu. Check by using the in-browser preview
      14. Send a test email to yourself, and the client
      15. Call the client to see if they like the look of the RSS driven email campaign
      16. Ask the client for feedback and changes
      17. Implement changes
      18. Test again – including send a test to the client and asking for their feedback, and implement their feedback
      19. Once we have approval click “Confirm” in the bottom menu
      20. Make sure you “regenerate the plain text email” so that it has the latest content changes.
      21. Once this is set, click Start RSS at the bottom of the screen.

Test it

You can take a look at how an actual email will look by clicking the  “Preview and Test” link at the top right of the page. You should have a blog post already published to see how it will look. You can also send a test email to yourself, colleagues or anyone else who needs to see how the email will look.

Turn it on

Click “confirm” at the bottom right of the screen and review all of the points. Fix any issues that are flagged. When you are finished click the “Start RSS” button on the bottom right of the screen.

Click the confirmation button and go make a well deserved cup of tea!

What happens next?

The next time the client writes and publishes a blog post – it will be sent out to their email list.


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