Champion Website developer position description

Champion Website developer position description

Web development is customer service.

At Nuttify we are committed to creating a Champion customer service experience. Web development is customer service, and so everything that we do is based around what our customers want, and giving it to them quickly and easily.

As part of the Nuttify team you will demonstrate obsessive customer focus. We aim for customer delight and for them to become our raving fans.

Everything is marketing

Every task that you undertake as a Nuttify Development Squirrel should be focussed on one goal: delighting the customer. Every every line of code, every email or comment on the project management system must be focussed on providing outstanding value to the client. Going far beyond what they expect a web developer to do.

The Nuttify Brand Promise

The Nuttify Brand Promise to our customers is “Champion”. Every action that you take, everyday must be focussed on delivering Champion for our clients.


  • Create a Champion customer experience through everything that you do
  • Create champion websites from proposals and documentation that exceed client expectations.
  • Create the required number of champion websites per month, in line with company goals, client goals, and project size
  • Create champion websites to meet or exceed standards defined in business process and best practice documentation
  • Create champion websites on time and on budget
  • Collaborate actively with colleagues and clients to create a “Champion” customer service experience
  • Create champion help articles, and project documentation


  • Put the customer first in everything you do – create that “Champion” experience
  • Put yourself in control of your time and actions by proactively managing your workload and tasks and communicating this to coworkers and clients
  • Foster and practice a “can do” attitude and approach to your work and life.
  • Follow business process and best practice guidelines when creating websites and deploying web services
  • Complete quality assurance on websites to ensure they meet or exceed the standards defined in business process and best practice documentation
  • Actively contribute to developing, optimising and documenting business processes and best practice
  • Maintain concise and clear project documentation
  • Follow project management timelines and objectives
  • Complete tasks assigned through project management system
  • Maintain records for time spent and work completed via project management system
  • Complete Quality assurance (QA) testing of websites across multiple devices and platforms – browsers and mobile devices.
  • Add edit and upload content as required
  • Map domain names to client websites
  • Create Mailchimp email template designs as required
  • Configure plugins per website as required
  • Fix bugs and provide enhancements as required.
  • Complete integration of websites with web services as required (Mailchimp, Twitter, Facebook, etc…)
  • Search the internet to find and develop solutions to problems or objectives as they arise
  • Create elegant solutions to difficult problems
  • Ask for referrals
  • Other tasks as required



  • Customer service focussed attitude
  • How to search the internet to solve technical problems
  • Advanced WordPress administration
  • Basic to intermediate graphic layout skills
  • Basic to intermediate image editing skills – crop, resize, rotate, compositing
  • Medium – Advanced jQuery
  • Advanced WordPress administration
  • Customer service 101 – how to create a “WOW!” experience
  • WordPress theme development
  • WordPress child theme development
  • WordPress theme file structure
  • Working knowledge of WP_Query
  • Working knowledge of  Custom Post Types
  • Working knowledge of WordPress multisite
  • Advanced HTML5
  • Advanced CSS3 including @media queries for responsive layout
  • Advanced PHP – including the ability to:
    • write functions to add functionality to WordPress sites,
    • utilise hooks & actions in WordPress themes
    • write plugins
    • create custom post types and relevant template files
    • understanding of object oriented coding concepts
  • Medium to Advanced MySQL
  • Medium to Advanced Javascript
  • Medium to Advanced jQuery
  • Responsive web design techniques and implementations

Level up (extra brownie points for these)

  • Git, SFTP, FTP usage to sync, upload and download files
  • Domain name administration
  • Basic Linux command line knowledge
  • Amazon EC2, S3 and Cloudfront knowledge

Metrics (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Respond to all customer queries within 3 hours (via email, project management, phone)
  • Number of websites completed per month (4-8 per month)
  • Number of websites per month that are completed on time
  • Number of websites per month that are completed on budget
  • Number of websites per month that are compliant across QA guidelines
  • Number of bugs, mistakes and fixes required per month

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