Champion Theme Shortcodes

The Champion Theme comes with some handy shortcodes to make your life easier. These enable you to add a list of blog posts to your home page, or any page of your site quick and easy. You can also list your blog post categories.

nut_show_posts shortcode

The nut_show_posts  shortcode accepts the following arguments:

  • post_type: The type of post you want to show
    • ‘post’ = Blog Posts
    • ‘feature’ = Features from the Champion Features plugin
    • ‘resources’ = Resources from the ChampionResources plugin
  • cols: The number of columns you want to show. Accepts integers 1 through 6
  • category: The blog post category that you want to show
  • template: You can create your own content template to override the styling and layout. For example, if you wanted to show feature post types differently you can create a content-feature.php in the root directory of your child theme and this is the template that the shortcode will load to display your features.

Show Blog Posts

Show your blog posts on your home page – or anywhere else on your site.



Show Features

To get feature blocks – turn on the Champion Features plugin and then:

  1. Setup some features in Dashboard > Features
  2. Use this shortcode in a content block to list features

Champion Theme Shortcodes - Features

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