Champion Theme Filters

As a developer you can alter the content of carious templates without actually editing the templates themselves. The Champion Theme uses WordPress filters to change the content of various parts of pages and posts so that you can easily tweak the working, without having to override an entire template file, or write new functions.

This is a list of filters in Champion. See below for how to use them to change their output.

Page, post & custom post type filters

Post meta filters

  • nut_meta_filter
    Alters the output of the nut_content_meta() function.
    For blog posts this includes – Author, category, tags & publish date

HTML page title filters

  • nut_page_title
    Alters the content of post, page and custom post type title on the page.
  • nut_page_title_htag_open
    Alters the opening HTML tag of the post or page title – generally will be H2 with an open anchor tag for post archive pages, blog listing page. Will be H1 for single pages.
  • nut_page_title_htag_close
    Alters the closing tags for the title.

Breadcrumb filters

  • nut_post_type_breadcrumb_taxonomy
    Use this filter to specify a taxonomy that you want a custom post type  to display in it’s breadcrumbs. Return a valid taxonomy term name.

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