Adding orders for customers manually with your WooCommerce (eCommerce) Champion Website

Sometimes you may need to create an oder manually for a customer. You can do this from your WordPress Dashboard, but automated online payments like PayPal won’t work, so you will need to have Bank transfer (BACS) enabled to do this. If you are creating an order for a subscription, then you will need manual payments enabled for the subscription.

Here’s how to add an order manually in Woocommerce

  1. Login and go to your Dashboard > WooCommerce > Add Order
    Add an order manually in WooCommerce
  2. Under the “Order Details” section search for the customer that will be getting this order.
  3. Then Add the product(s) that they are purchasing under the Order Items by seraching for the products in the search field
  4. Then add them to the order by clicking “Add Item”
  5. You can edit any details about it if you like.
  6. Once you are satisfied the the order is correct click – Save Order at the top right

Completing the Order

You may also want to set the order to “Completed” so that the user sees that their order is complete. Or if you need to confirm payment you can wait until you have checked your bank account.

Now that the order is created it will appear on the customers “My Account” page.

All done. Hooray.

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