Adding form fields to your Gravity Form.

Adding form fields to your Gravity Form.

Creating and adding fields to your gravity form is incredibly easy. We’ll walk you through the simple process in this article

  1. From the wordpress dashboard, create a new form from Forms > New Form, or click Forms to navigate to an existing form you’d like to add fields to
  2. On the right hand side of the page, add your desired form fields by simply clicking on them.
  3. Your fields will then automatically add to your form. They can then be customized to suit your needs by clicking “Edit”. You can edit basic field properties such as Field Name, formatting options depending on the field, and if the field is required or not. There is also an advanced tab with a few more advanced fields we will go through.


    • Admin Label – Here you can set a more advanced admin label to your field. This wil override the default label for more precise targeting.
    • Validation Message – Here you can edit the default error message. This message will be displayed if there is an error with the field when the user submits the form
    • CSS Class – Here you can add a class to the field if you wish to override the default CSS. There are also some built in CSS Classes used by Gravity Forms you can find on their website that might also be beneficial.
    • Visibility – Everyone or Admin Only. This is useful if you want to dynamically populate fields with data you don’t want users to see.
    • Populate Dynamically Checking this box allows you to set the fields ability to be populated dynamically. You can then add a parameter name which can be used to pull data into the field.
    • Conditional Logics – Enabling this sets a conditional logic for your form field. You may only want a certain field to exist to users if another field has been filled in a certain way.


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