Adding @font-face fonts to the Champion Theme customizer font drop down

If you have your fonts as an otf or woff file and want to use them in your Champion Theme website, you can easily add them to the font selection list in the Theme Customizer.

Getting started

First of all you need to add your font file to your Champion Child Theme. The place that we recommend to do this is in the folder includes/fonts.

If these folders don’t exist – just create the directories.

Create folders to upload files to your WordPress Champion Child Theme

Create the CSS to create the @font-face

You can place the CSS in whichever place is easiest for you.

  1. Use the Theme Customizer custom CSS section
  2. In your child theme style.css
  3. or on of your SASS files.


Add a function to register the font names

Add this function to your functions.php file. Please change the names of the fonts to the fonts you are using.


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