How to add a user to your Mailchimp account

How to add a user to your Mailchimp account

We love Mailchimp. And we can help you with all sorts of awesome things like automatically adding people to your Mailchimp list when they have filled in your contact form, or purchased from your eCommerce website.

To setup these kinds of integrations we need to be added to your Mailchimp account as an administrator. To do so follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your Mailchimp account
  2. From the top right select your name/account drop down and then select Account"Select
  3. Then select Account Settings > Account Users
    Mailchimp add users > Account settings > Account Users
  4. Click Invite a User (on the right hand side above the user list)
  5. Enter Nuttify’s Mailchimp and form management email address:
  6. Set us as an Admin user
  7. Write us a short friendly message (if you want to)
  8. Click “Send Invite”"Mailchimp
  9. Drop a message on Basecamp, or via email, or SMS to let us know that you’ve done this. We need to confirm the invite within 24 hours – or it expires, and we have to do this all over again.


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