How to add new gallery

How to add new gallery

We have built many websites for our clients which has galleries feature. This help article is used when you have problems creating or editing your galleries. Below steps will walk you through the process of creating a new gallery.

  1. In you website’s WordPress dashboard, locate “Galleries” tab on the left main menu as in below image. Choose “Add a gallery” to create new gallery.


  2. In the Add New Gallery window, you will be able to create new gallery by give it a title, add content you want in the editor. There will be an option called “Gallery Images” in which you can drag&drop or click “Add Image” to add your gallery images. If you are not sure how to add new image in WordPress, please have look at our help article about adding new images. You should skip to step 3 in that article if you just need to know how to upload images.


  3. If your gallery has testimonial, the testimonial drop down list should be available under the gallery images. You can choose the testimonial you want to attach to the current gallery by selecting one of them. However, if you want to use testimonial, you must have testimonial feature turned on and you have to create a Testimonial before you can choose from the list. If you don’t know how to create a testimonial, please have a look at our help article here.


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