Add a Recommended Supplier to Your Champion WordPress Website

This help article will take you through adding and editing suppliers from your recommended list of suppliers to your Champion WordPress Website.

    1. Login to your website and select ‘Suppliers > Add A Supplier’. Alternatively just select Suppliers if you plan on editing the content of an already existing supplier.
    2. From here it is just like editing a normal post or page. Add in the suppliers name and a description of the supplier in the main content area:threes-trio
    3. Under the main content area you will see several custom fields where you can add additional information such as Phone Number, Contact Email and Website. Type in the data for these fields where applicable:
    4. When adding the website be sure to include the FULL URL of the site as pictured below (including the http://) in order for the links to function correctly:
    5. Add a category for your supplier under the categories box in the right hand column. Select an existing category or select ‘Add New Categories’ to add a new supplier category.
    6. Adding a featured image to your supplier is the same as adding one to regular posts and pages. In the right hand column, find the ‘Featured Image’ heading and select ‘Set Featured Image’. From here, select an image from the media library or upload another one from your computer. For best results use an image that is square (eg. 500px x 500px).
    7. Publish your entry and you will see your supplier added to the list!

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