Introduction to slides

Many websites developed by Nuttify feature big image sliders on the front page, and for good reason. Slides are a great feature for your website as they draw in the users attention by presenting the key messages of your site with good images and strong calls to action. (more…)

How to add a video slide

Instead of using an image as your main slider attraction, woothemes also has the ability to embed videos into slides. This article will walk you through the straight forward process. Add a slide like you would normally, give it a title and some body text if applicable Find the video you would like to embed […]

How to create a slide group

With the sliders we use on most Nuttify sites, you have the ability to create “Slide Groups”. Slide Groups are an easy way to organize your slides and are especially useful if you have multiple sliders on your site and only wish to show a specific group of slides on each one. (more…)