CSS tricks: “before” pseudo element with Fontawesome

Using Fontawesome as a :before¬†¬†pseudo element in CSS is pretty straight forward. Bear in mind that you need to test across browsers to make sure that the fonts don’t blow up to be gigantic – as can happen in Firefox and Internet Explorer sometimes. The benefits of using this technique are that you get great […]

How to add stylesheets

WordPress best practice for including style sheets in themes is to enqueue your fonts. We achieve this in nuttify by registering style sheets and their dependencies, then enqueueing them. See this code example

General web design principles to produce awesome sites

At Nuttify we pride ourselves on producing awesome websites that exceed customer’s expectations. These sites have the following attributes: Look awesome Clearly communicate to the user Are fast to load Mobile responsive Are easy to use Many factors go into creating sites that meet these usability and design objectives. This article will discuss ways to […]