Five things you MUST KNOW to create a profitable website

    • You’ve got five seconds

      You need to grab people by the throat within five seconds of them landing on your page. Otherwise they’ll click off elsewhere.

    • Get your message right

      In those 5 seconds you’ve got to clearly demonstrate your unique selling proposition, and the value you can give to the user, right now!

    • Give irresistible value

      Provide an amazing value proposition that encourages the user to give you their contact details. You entered your details to access this report, didn’t you? Our message and value proposition is clear. We help you make yours irresistible.

    • Convert, convert, convert

      Make sure you get your website visitors contact details, ask for a name and email address. You can then follow up personally to usher them into your sales funnel.

    • Any device, anywhere, any time

      Your website visitors are online all the time, and they are using their phones and tablets. Your website needs to look great and work perfectly for all devices, with any screen size.


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