The fine print (legal)

Squirrels are cute, loveable and furry. This is true. However, we run a business, and so need to make sure that everyone knows their rights and responsibilities. That’s the purpose of these pages. We have legal obligations to you, our clients, and you have obligations to us (like paying us on time). As such there are standard agreements, payment terms and conditions, privacy policy, web hosting terms that apply.

We try to write these is plain english terms that are easily understood by us non-lawyer types. However we do recommend that if you don’t understand anything in these documents that you  ask someone who does.

We reserve the right to update these legal documents, terms and conditions, and privacy policies at any time.

Quotation terms & GST

All quotes made by Nuttify are quoted excluding GST.

Standard web development agreement

Summary: This is provided as an example of the agreement that you will receive to sign for your web development project. We will customise your agreement for you – so that it is clear what we are delivering for your web project.

View the Nuttify standard web development agreement

Payment terms and conditions

Summary: Our payment terms are strictly 7 days.

Late Payments

If you pay us late, we are entitled to charge interest on the late fees calculated in accordance with the Penalty Interest Rates Act. You will also be required to pay any recovery fees including lawyer fees, court costs, or any other fees associated in retrieving our fees. Payment is not finalised until all fees including those for late payment have been paid.

Nuttify Cloud hosting agreement

Hosting your website in the Nuttify Cloud comes with our Nuttify Cloud Hosting Agreement