Nuttify Cloud: Champion Website Hosting

Why Choose to host in the Nuttify Cloud?

At Nuttify we believe that you should be concentrating on your strengths. That’s why we introduced Nuttify Cloud. We’ve built our platform on trusted software from industrial strength providers like

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The benefits to your business include

  1. Peace of mind

    Join hundreds of other businesses who no longer worry about their websites staying online

  2. Keep it local

    Australian servers for Australian businesses

  3. Keep it fresh

    Ongoing upgrades and maintenance to your website

  4. Need for speed

    Nuttify sites average less than 3 seconds per page load – Great for SEO! (Geek speak: Optimisations and caching to serve your website fast )

  5. Keep it live

    When your content goes viral – Your website stays up (Geek Speak: Automatic scaling so that your website can handle unexpected spikes in traffic ) We also offer 99% uptime guarantee (You can check our uptime reports via Pingdom)

  6. Keep it secure

    Automatic backups performed nightly, plus multiple levels of security to protect your website, which protects your income, your brand and your customer relationships

  7. No Limits

    Unlimited storage and unlimited data transfer

Host your business website in Nuttify Cloud for just $30 per month.

$30.00 excl. GST / month Sign Up Now

The Fine Print

Nuttify Premium Business Hosting is offered under the Nuttify Cloud Hosting Agreement and covered under out 99% Uptime Guarantee