Your website is not about you

Your website is not about you

First of all, I want to dispel a common myth.

Your website is not about you.

I cannot stress this enough. When someone visits your website they don’t care about you, or your business. What they want to know is: how can they solve their problem – right now. Your website is about your users. All of your website visitors are tuned into WII-FM – What’s In It For Me?

Your Champion Website should address your user’s problems and provide solutions for them.

A Champion WordPress Website solves user problems quickly and easily.

Your users have a problem. They use the Internet to find solutions to their problem.

When they land on your website you have 5 seconds in which to help them solve this problem. Or at least promise that you have the capacity to do so.

It is only after they learn that you can help them that they begin to care more about you and your business.

Use your Champion WordPress Website to provide solutions to problems, and people will think better of you, and be more inclined to use your services or buy your products.

How to make a Champion WordPress Website that is all about your customers

  1. Put ourselves in your customers shoes
    What problem, or problems do your customers have? How can you provide them with a solution? One way to do this is write helpful blog posts that provide solutions to problems that your customers and users have.
  2. Use the words “you” and “your” in the copy
    Ban “we” from your website. No one cares. Talk about your users, not yourself. Using “you” and “your” in your text includes your users, and makes them feel like you care about them (you do, don’t you?)
  3. Use imagery of your target market, or imagery that they can relate to
    Nice big pictures that are engaging and align with your key message and branding are essential.
  4. Design your pages so that when the page loads the key message is on screen
    Having a big, relevant headline that shows how you solve the user’s  problem is important. Use this approach on the homepage, blog posts, pages – anywhere.
  5. Ask for an action from the user – using a “call to action”
    A “call to action” asks the user to do something like “click here to join the email list”, “buy now”, or “Download your free report”

High quality content is strategic, applicable & actionable.

That is your Champion Content provides knowledge that the user can take an action on to specifically address, or solve their problem.

Use your Champion Website to help people solve their problems and you’ll make people happier, make some sales, and make the world a better place.

Just remember: Your website is not about you. It is about your customers and users.

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