WordPress and Gravity Forms: A Champion Combination

WordPress and Gravity Forms:  A Champion Combination

Gravity Forms is a champion tool for WordPress.

There are a few plugins for WordPress that do forms but none, in my opinion, is better than Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms is a premium plugin, but it’s not expensive. So if you have a single WordPress site, it’s $30 a year to use Gravity Forms which is chicken feed for the functionality you get from it.

Why is Gravity Forms a champion tool to use with WordPress?

Well, theres a few  reasons.

Email notifications

Gravity Forms are highly configurable, you can edit them just like blog posts, or pages. You can add value to your clients and subscribers by bringing a personalised touch to what is an automated function.

Thank You pages

This is an all too familiar scenario we know quite well. How many times have you filled in a form in a website and pressed “Send” and then you don’t know what happened? … Did the form go? I don’t know because there’s no feedback.

Now, with Gravity Forms, you can redirect to a page you’ve already built. I suggest you have on that page a nice, big, friendly picture and message saying, “Thanks! We got your message. We’ll be in touch shortly.”

This not only lets your users know you got their inquiry, it also sets their expectations by letting them know when to expect a reply or a call back.

Champion WordPress Websites use Gravity Forms

Champion WordPress Websites use Gravity Forms


There is actually a third reason why I like Gravity Forms and why I think they’re super awesome. It’s called integration. Yes, Gravity Forms integrate to just about any other app essential to making a Champion Website and supporting your business.

Here are some equally awesome apps and tools that you can integrate with Gravity Forms:

  • Highrise

    Highrise is my CRM. CRM stand for customer relationship management tool. So, anyone who fills in a Nuttify Contact automatically goes into my CRM. Makes it easier to keep track of people who have reached out to us and how we can provide them with champion service and value.

  • MailChimp

    MailChimp in itself is already an awesome tool for email newsletters. Now, getting people to sign up and agree to join your mailing list on your Contact Form or Quote Form is a great idea because it helps build up your database and eventually your sales funnel.

    A side note on that, get started on MailChimp ASAP because email marketing is a must in today’s day and age.

  • Slack

    Slack is this fantastic service the Nuttify squirrels love because it gets them connected and helps them stay on top of things. When someone fills in a contact form, I get notified by Slack that it’s been filled in. I get the message and all the details needed making it easy for me to reach out and  follow up.

  • Twilio.

    Twilio is an SMS and voice messaging service So, when anyone fills in a Nuttify Contact Form, I get a text message. If you call someone back within five minutes of them contacting you, they go, “Wow! That was fast!” And with SMS coming from your contact or quote form, it makes it really easy to be alerted the moment it happens. Then you can call them back and deliver that champion customer service experience.

  • Payment Gateways

    You can sell products and take donations through Gravity Forms. We’ve integrated with the PayPal, Stripe and e-Way for this.

  • and many more

Gravity forms can also be extended. If you need something to integrate, it can be built customised for you by the friendly Nuttify squirrels!


So, why would you use Gravity Forms rather than a free plugin form like Contact Form 7?

Gravity forms is easy to use, provides a better user experience, email notifications, the thank you pages,  and integrations that make it easy for you to drive your business forward and capture those contact details, follow up and add value for your customers.

This have been a quick blog post about Gravity Forms and why we use it on our Champion Websites and why we think you should use it too.

To learn more about champion websites, come and hear me talk on the 4th of December 2015.

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