Will You Profit or Perish in 2016?

Will You Profit or Perish in 2016?

Ajax McKerral, Managing Director of Nuttify: Champion Websites will be speaking at More Profit Less Time’s event on 4 December 2015 at the Knox Club, Wantirna.

The event is titled “Will You Profit or Perish in 2016?” and features John Millar from CEO on demand and More Profit Less Time.

Ajax will be speaking about free and low cost tools and strategies that you can use with your WordPress website to grow your business. Learn tips and tricks with Mailchimp, automating social media, Google Apps, CRMs and more. Ajax will also cover the essential WordPress plugins that you need on your WordPress site to make you website Champion.

John Millar will be presenting about 7 areas to improve a business to grow profits by over 160% in 2016

  • 3 Simple tools to shift the way you think so you attract the best opportunities in your industry
  • Identify the #1 Problem Holding Your Business Back and how to fix it
  • The Time Target and where to invest your time for maximum returns
  • How to Double Your Team Productivity and Performance
  • How to Eliminate Price Competition
  • The Proven 7 Step Formula to Increase Your Profits by 161% over the next 12 months
  • How to hire the best talent in your industry for a fraction of the cost in under 4 hours

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