Why you need Champion Content

Why you need Champion Content

In this blog post we are going to talk about why you need Champion content on your website that is published regularly and is easy to share on Social Media. There is no doubt in my mind that Champion Content is the way to market you business in the 21st century. Let me explain why.

For the last decade, the growth and power of social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instgram has been growing….and growing….and growing. The billions of people who use these social networks are hungry for high quality content. We live in the information economy now.

We are not so much competing for market share, or dollars, but for attention.

Picture this

Image that you are a commercial glazier. Meet Sarah a purchasing office at an your ideal prospect’s company. She  catches the train to and from work every day. While on the train she likes to check her email, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She likes a few things, retweets a few more and also reads a few articles that her friends have shared.

Sarah is researching how to budget for, purchase and install windows for a new retail fit out. While on the train she comes across a post the you have written on your blog that has a video explaining exactly how one should budget for this kind of project, as well as giving free tips about things to look out for when installing and maintaining retail shop windows.

Sarah really enjoys your article and likes and retweets it. It was the perfect article at the perfect time for her. Because she is going through this exact process right now.

Who do  you think will be top of mind when Sarah moves into purchasing mode?

Is she more likely to call your company and ask for a meeting and quote, because she has already started to trust you and recognises your authority, knowledge and expertise in your domain?

You bet she is.

You are much more likely to get that call and be able to develop a better relationship with your customers when you have already built trust and authority through your Champion Content.

 The Internet your most valuable marketing channel

In this second decade of the 21st century, the Internet is the most valuable marketing channel that you have. Value on the Internet is driven by content. This content must reside somewhere – the best place for it is on your Champion Website.

Are you getting the best value your website by posting regular content?

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