Champion SEO 101 Tweaks for CEOs

Champion SEO 101 Tweaks for CEOs

Now that we’ve covered some serious SEO basics in a previous post.

Today, I’ll share with you how SEO is relevant to small business owners like you and me. More importantly, what you can do immediately to improve your website ranking and take your champion website to the next level.

You’ll be surprised that a small amount of effort can improve your search engine ranking. Yes, that’s possible by following these champion guidelines:

1. Always be giving value.

Look at your website. Look at the homepage, look at all the other pages, look at your own posts and then ask yourself, “If I knew nothing about this business, would this be a helpful page?”

If the answer is no, then you’re probably not performing very well in search rankings. You need to review the design and content of your entire website to make it more appealing and helpful to visitors. Think of the value you are offering and the value they are getting as you go through the process.

If the answer is “Yes, this is a valuable page.” Then you need to ask yourself, “How can I improve the value offered?’

You can embed relevant videos from YouTube, it can be someone else’s video or if you have some DIY videos and tutorials on your channel, link there. You can also link back to other resources that will improve and support the quality of information you have in your website.

Now, if you’ve had your website for quite sometime, this is something you may have overlooked: going back to update and edit all content shared earlier to make them more relevant. Revitalize your content. You can also cross-link across existing pages or posts in your site instead of editing to share current information to your audience. You may have published 20 pages since you published that page you’re looking at and you might have some new resources you can cross-link to.

The idea is to keep improving and adding value by keeping this one important question in mind: “Does this page add value to the person reading it?”

2. Think of your keywords and optimise.

Its great that you have valuable content to share to your followers. The next step is to make sure they find your Champion Website so they can take advantage and make use of what you’re offering.

To do that, you need to optimise each page and post.

If you’re running a WordPress, and given that almost 25% of websites are on WordPress, chances are yours is  too. The best thing is to do is to use an SEO plugin and the best SEO plugin is from this chap called Yoast.

This plugin is free. While there’s paid upgrades for various functionality,you necessarily need all that. The Yoast plugin is very high quality and it will give you an analysis per page of how your SEO is doing. While using Yoast is a whole book upon itself, at the most basic, it will allow you to define a keyword for a page, even suggest keywords, and give you feedback based on your chosen keywords.

Say for example  you’re targeting a keyword, like “Champion Website”, then it will tell you: “Is it in the title, yes or no? Is it in the body content, yes or no? Is it in the URL, yes or no? Is it in the meta-title and the meta description, yes or no?”

Google gets all the pages it indexes for the meta-title and meta-description and makes it up if it’s not there. This is one good way to control how you appear in Google search. Having this congruence on your pages across your website – having your keywords in all the right places is a small thing and doesn’t take much time. This is one thing you, as a business owner can do to help improve your website’s performance in search.


There are two main guidelines business owners can follow to improve their champion WordPress website rankings. First is to review your website to make sure you’re giving value. Then, install the Yoast SEO plugin and review the pages to make sure they’ve got your keywords in the right places.

Now, you can confidently refuse  phone calls from those SEO folks because you know what is going on in your website in the SEO world.

One parting remark: when you Google yourself or your business, many people go, “Yay, I’m on page 1!” That’s because Google remembers your search history and serves you the results you want to see. So you need to use Google Chrome Incognito or Safari’s private browsing mode, and Firefox also has one. Best to open one of those secure browsing mode to Google yourself, otherwise you get a false result.

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