5 Things That You Need for a Champion WordPress Website

5 Things That You Need for a Champion WordPress Website

Any business, regardless of its size, should have a website up to make sure it survives the competition. And I mean not just any website, but a Champion WordPress Website.

Since you’re already reading this, chances are you’ve got one. The great news is you can do more to make your website better than the champion it already is!

So here are 5 things you can do to make your website more champion

1. Content

You need lots of content on your website. Content includes: blog posts, case studies, your pages like “about”, testimonials from your clients and all sorts of other stuff that you can generate to give value to your end user.

While we’re talking about end users….

2. Put yourself in the end user’s shoes!

You need to put yourself in your end users’ shoes! What do they want? How can we give it to them quickly and easily?

Think about your own behaviour! Often when you Google something, you don’t go past the first page you are likely just to use the first 3 results. You visit those sites and if the information you get there is not what you expected ,or wanted, then what do you do? You leave straight away, right?

So put yourself in your customers’, your prospects’, your website users’ shoes – and ask yourself:

“what do they want? How can I give it to them quickly and easily?”

3. Design and Development

Now, these two things, website design and development, they go hand and hand.  Because how you lay your website out, and how users react to it, the functionality you provide, like your contact form (which we will talk about in another video).  They are all big contributors to whether or not people will hang around.

If your website looks like the one I’m about to show you, the www.theworldsworstwebsiteever.com, what does that do in your customers’ mind So, we don’t want to introduce any doubt at all in their mind – what you do? Are you the master of what you do? Are you the authority in your domain?

So having a clean and crisp website that clearly communicates what you do is essential to getting that champion website that engages your prospects and customers.

4. Specific, applicable and actionable content

Champion websites must have champion content: specific, applicable and actionable.

Going back to how users use websites and the web in general, they’re trying to solve a problem – as opposed to when they’re on Facebook and they are just doing social things – and your offer to solve their problems could be an annoyance.

But If they’ve searched Google, they want to solve a problem and they want to come to your website and then get that specific problem addressed that has been in the title and the content. It has to be applicable to their situation, directly addressing the problem they are trying to solve, and it has to be actionable. So there has to be something that they can do at the end of it. Whether that is, go and think about it; “Click here for more info”, or “Download your free PDF”.

These are all valid things but you need to know what are the actions that you want from your users. Do you want them to just read your blog? Do you want them to sign-up for your newsletter? Do you want them to like you on Facebook ? What it is that you want to do and the you need to ask for action at the end of your blog post, or case study, and all of your content.

5. Easy to use

If someone comes your website by following a link from Facebook or searching from Google, or following your tweet,  we need to know what they need and how we can give it to them.

It needs to be clear that we have what they want and that we can give it to them.

People’s attention spans are worse than the mythical 7 seconds of a goldfish. You know when a goldfish swims around the bowl and sees a rock, “Oh, that’s a nice rock!” And then swims around again and, “Oh, I haven’t seen that rock before.” People on the web are just as bad as that.

So when they land on your homepage or your blog post, and they realize “I’m in the right place, they can help me solve my problem and there’s an action I can take right now to solve my problem,” then you’ve made it easy for your users.

You also made it easy for them to like you and your website. You’ve also embedded yourself a little bit in their brain and hopefully, they’ll think better of you next time they need your product or service.


So the 5 top things you can do to get your website into champion status are:

  1. Have high quality, champion content – blog posts, case studies, testimonials, that sort of thing
  2. Make it easy for your users – put yourself in their shoes – what do they want and how I can give it to them quickly and easily
  3. Design and development – make sure your website looks great and represents your brand and has the functionality that makes it easy for users to use your site
  4. The content on your website should be specific, applicable and actionable by and
  5. Make it easy for people who come to your website

If you implement these 5 simple strategies then your website will become a Champion Website.

If you’d like to hear me speak more about this, I am talking at the Knox Club on 4 December 2015. Register to attend by dropping your details in to the form below.

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